Bearing in mind COVID restrictions, Dr. J.'s Guidance Department will operate with some changes this September. 
There will be a maximum number of 10 people permitted in the Student Services/Guidance area at one time. Please be mindful of this before entering,

  • Please use hand sanitizer provided when entering and exiting the area, 
  • Please remember to social distance
  •  Please wear a mask in designated areas.
  • Academic-related questions and concerns will be handled electronically via forms submitted online and/or emails, phones calls, texts to either school counselor (see contact information below).
  • Personal, social and emotional concerns can still occur face-to-face in the Student Services/Guidance area OR electronically if students prefer.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your school counselor at any time

Briggs, Allan:
MacFarlane, Ann:



DrJHG course change form 2021-22 PDF version





Current Students including Class of 2022 DrJHG Seniors can download this form to request a transcript:

CURRENT STUDENT Transcript Request Form (PDF format) (Word format) complete and submit to Guidance.

Former Students including Class of 2021 can download this form and send it to the SRCE to request a transcript:

FORMER STUDENT Transcript Request Form complete and submit to SRCE (by mail: 304 Pitt Street, Unit 2 Port Hawkesbury, NS B9A 2T9; FAX: 902-625-2281, or email:





2021-2022   O2 Program Information

O2 Program Presentation


    Class of 2022 Graduation Preparation

    • Information on Scholarships, Awards, Bursaries, and other opportunities will be listed and updated in the Grad Google Classroom. It is advised that you leave on the alerts sent via the Grad Google Classroom. Please see Guidance if you are not getting those Grad Classroom updates.







      Wellness Activities

      Intellectual Element 30 Day Playlist Challenge
      Intellectual Element 52 Week Reading Challenge
      Intellectual Element Boredom Busters
      Intellectual Element COVID Journal
      Intellectual Element Crosswords
      Intellectual Element Intellectual - Links
      Intellectual Element Mandalas
      Intellectual Element Mindful Coloring Sheets
      Intellectual Element Stay Home Kit 2nd edition
      Intellectual Element Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt

      Mental/Emotional Bucket List
      Mental/Emotional Declutter Your Room Declutter Your Mind
      Mental/Emotional Gratitude Exercises
      Mental/Emotional Gratitude Jar
      Mental/Emotional Inspirational Songs
      Mental/Emotional Links
      Mental/Emotional Positive Affirmations
      Mental/Emotional STAY HOME KIT
      Mental/Emotional Staying Positive During Covid 19
      Mental/Emotional Who You Miss

      Nature Links
      Nature NS Outdoor Restrictions Lifted
      Nature Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

      Physical/Biological 30 Day Water Challenge
      Physical/Biological 10,000 Step Challenge
      Physical/Biological Links
      Physical/Biological Mindful Breathing
      Physical/Biological Sidewalk Obstacle Course

      Social Links

      Spiritual Element Giving Thanks
      Spiritual Element Spiritual Links
      Spiritual Element Pay It Forward