DrJHG Advisors Team Coaches Volunteers Drivers

Advisors, Coaches, Volunteers, and Drivers, please download, complete and return the documents in this package:

Travel Documents Full Package of Forms for Volunteers Coaches Parents














Each of the forms can be downloaded individually here:

Checklist of documents to confirm all forms required are complete

Child Abuse Registry Request for Search (Form A)

  • To be completed by any coach/advisor or parent who wishes to transport students or act in a mentoring role with student athletes.

Confidentiality Agreement

  • To be filled out coaches/advisors and parents who will be transporting players or working with teams in a mentoring capacity.

J Form - Student Travel Procedures-PRO IV-B-6 (Form J)

  • To be filled out by all adult drivers who transport student athletes and turned into the Athletic Director or the school administration office.

Parent consent form

  • To be filled out by parents/guardians to recognize the potential for injury in the school sport their child is playing (sports are listed alphabetically, please scroll down to find the sport that is relevant).

Student Athlete Registration Form 

  • To be filled out by all student athletes and given to their coach along with the fee payment for that particular sport as well as the deposit cheque covering uniforms and equipment used.

Teacher/Chaperone Consent Form 

  • Policy to be read and front page completed by all teachers/chaperones/coaches/advisors. Only the front page needs to be signed and returned. 

Volunteer Application form

  • To be filled out by coaches/advisors who will be working with teams on a full time or occasional basis. 

School Based Expense Form

  • To be completed and given to Lisa O’Handley 

Travel Sheet for Extra-curricular Form         Travel Sheet (PDF form of the Word file)

To be completed by coaches and submitted 2 days prior to leaving the school.

Waiver letter for the Criminal Record and Vulnerable Record Check

Please note that fees to have your Criminal Record and Vulnerable Record Check for school activities can be waived by submitting this waiver letter to the RCMP.